Sunday, December 4, 2011


I've been... uninclined to sew these past few weeks. I'm phase-y that way. I've been reading a bunch instead. Mostly junk, since I realized I could get library books on my Kindle (finally!) but a few quality things. I'm thinking about starting a book review feature on this blog, just so I can get out some of the thoughts I've had about interesting books. Stay tuned.

In actual sewing news, though, I made a scarf!

The fabric was an impulse purchase at Joanns, kind of a flannel with embroidered dots/stripes. The ribbon was given to me by my grandma, who has all kinds of stashes of cool sewing and crafty stuff. I have a few more from her (I think they're from Switzerland?) that I think would look nice on future scarves.


And speaking of future scarves, now that the first one went off so well, I've got big plans!

Maybe some Christmas presents?

My other sporadic achievement has been some work here and there on my pink and gray zig zag quilt, which I've come to think of as "Le Zig." It's basically 8 zigs in a pink/yellow fabric, alternating with Kona medium gray. One zig down:

After making, ironing, and trimming several hundred half-square triangles I have a newfound respect for the quilters who make them with any kind of frequency! Cutting is my least favorite part of the quilting process (except for maybe basting) and there is a lot of cutting involved in the HST process. Usually in a multi-step process like with making HSTs, I like to to each step all at once before moving on. With this project, however, the trimming was just too disgustingly boring, so I've stopped to sew together a few parts just to break up the monotony. I'm 1/8th of the top down!

Now that Christmas is rapidly approaching, I've really got to get sewing again. I've figured out what I want to make, and read most of the library books I could get outside of the wait list, so hopefully I'll be able to get some more things done lately!

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