Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday: More Plans than Finishes

First of all, the view out my window as I type this? So pretty:

Now that's done, on to the one thing I managed to sew this week: my completed Drunkard's Path Baby Quilt! Inspired by a comment on last week's WIP Wednesday, I think I'm renaming it the Mod Baby quilt, which sounds cooler. Plus, the little guy who will be its owner has two seriously cool parents who fell in love through a classic rock/Beatles appreciation club that his mom started - I think mod is probably a good style for him! So without further ado:

The Mod Baby Quilt
It took me almost a week to figure out how I wanted to quilt it, and I ultimately settled on diagonal straight lines. It's in keeping with the symmetrical style, and it was such a pleasure to use my cranky walking foot on a small quilt for once; it went off without a hitch! The back looks nice too, I think:

I started a knitting project, something I do for a month or two every other year. I'm hoping to keep my interest up until I at least have two gloves.

I had originally planned to make the gloves fingerless, but changed my mind; when I showed my husband my progress, he asked me why I had decided to leave those particular fingers exposed, not realizing the thing wasn't finished! I've been trying to imagine what purpose a finished glove of this type might serve...

The only other crafty thing I managed to accomplish this week was some fabric shopping.

These will one day be purses, probably for the arts and crafts gallery at my work.

The leftmost fabric is so soft and pretty it can't be anything other than a scarf for me! The other two I plan on making into large purses; if I have my way they will be very cool, so stay tuned!

Awesomely weird Swiss fabric for 25c at Goodwill. For the coffee table, I think.

This one was just to cute to pass up, and from Joanns of all places!

The sheet pile keeps growing... I'm going to get to it any day now, I swear!

So now I'm off to cut some of the fabric I talked about last week, I think starting with the pink/yellow/gray zig zag quilt. I love having the whole afternoon free to get some quilty work done. Happy quilting to everyone else!


  1. Oh husbands, where would we be without them, but would they actually record any brain activity when they make comments like that??? Had to laugh! I really like your baby quilt, front and back - practice saying "reversible"! and check out those cool curved corners.

  2. Oh my goodness that baby quilt is fabulous, but so is all that fabric!


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