Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Sewing - Finally!

As usual, I had grand plans for handmade Christmas presents, but seeing as how I only gave myself about 10 days to make them, I had to adjust for reality as I went. The results weren't half bad though! I decided this year to only make things for the people in my family who I knew would appreciate them. This meant that three lucky ladies got some good stuff!

First, we have Speed Quilting: Round 1 - Anne and Sergey Edition.

Yes, another Vintage Superstar. I love this pattern! It's such a fun way to show off pretty fabrics.

I got to practice my free motion quilting again. I started with a spiral and then just did rounds and rounds of petals all the way out to the tips of the star. The outside of the star is done with a combination of swirly stippling + hearts, a personal favorite:

And the back is a pretty, large-scale vintage sheet! Binding is also vintage.

Next up is Speed Quilting: Round 2 - Kati Edition.

Look, same quilt! (Almost, anyway.)

This version, for my sister, was done in more cartoon-y prints, and has a slightly more modern sheet for the back. Quilting on this one is entirely heart-stipple, with one special addition:

And finally, pillows for Mom.

She requested king size purple flannel pillowcases. Some how I made this really hard for myself - suffice it to say I used my seam ripper a lot this time. Also, I didn't realize that the flannel had a front and a back until both cases were done, and of course one is backwards. Whatever, you can' tell unless I point it out. (Sorry, Mom!)

This was the first through pillow I ever made! It was shockingly, wonderfully easy. My mom sent me the African fabric and I finally found the courage to try a pillow. I'm glad I did, because once I realized how easy/fun it was, I made this:

The heart is appliqued on, and then I just echo quilted the entire front. I loved this pillow so much I'm ready to make some for myself now!

It's been so long since my last post that, while I have more to show, I don't want to make this one too long. I promise to come back soon!

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