Monday, May 7, 2012

I made a shirt!

how happy do I look?

...and I wouldn't mind being seen wearing it! Which is to say, this isn't the first garment I have attempted to make, but it is the first successful one.

It wasn't even the first version. It's Colette Patterns' free Sorbetto Tank pattern, and my first try wasn't so flattering:

Even this one had some alterations - I lowered the neckline and made the armholes a little bigger. But my rather unfortunate color pairing (I'm lazy, and I already had a bunch of the bias tape made up) combined with the short length wasn't too flattering on me. I forgot to take a picture of it on, but I don't really want that documented.

But the second try made it all worthwhile! I added a few inches of length, and also moved the shoulder straps a little closer together. I don't know why I attempted such a complex (to me) alteration as a novice, and the result is a little wonky at the shoulder, but I don't mind.

I think the fabric was a much better choice, as well as the matching binding. It's a vintage sheet from the collection, and I'm loving the idea of making a bunch of clothing all from sheets - what a way to save on fabric costs!

I took my time and finished my seems with pinking and topstitching, because I want this thing to last!

Please ignore the bucket. At least you can't see the compost pile!

My photographer, sadly, was enthusiastic but unskilled. He claims no one would notice that little old bucket in the background, and maybe you wouldn't have but for my pointing it out. Better luck next time.

And now that I've finally had some success, I'm ready for more. I've cut out the pattern for a skirt, and maybe you'll even get to see it soon!

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